Shiny Skorupi

I was EV training and finding hordes (the super training is BORING) and I ran into a horde of Skorupi. And to my surprise, ONE OF THEM WAS SHINY!! I was so excited! So I slowly figured out which were which on the bottom screen and I used acid to change things up and I didn't know acid would ATTACK THEM ALL. Before my eyes fell the shiny Skorupi and I mourned.

This is the second shiny I accidentally fainted. The first was a shiny rattata that Hugh fainted in BW2. I killed his pokemon for that.

So today, my friend Chris gets on and tells me to get on my pokemon game. I haven't played much this past month because I've been so busy. So I get on. And he initiates a trade. I tell him he can have one of my many stealth rock larvitars. Then I see it. And I key board smashed on him. He traded me...he traded me...

It was the same level and everything! He gave me the skorupi that got away. And it's now mine.


I made puppycat. It's 4 inches tall. I wanted to make puppycat styled like a maneki neko, which is why it doesn't look QUITE like the one in the show. By the way. Go watch Bee and Puppycat. It's only one episode so far and is on youtube and it's short. It's imaginatively creative and from the awesome Natasha Allegri.
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The Cat Lady

I just finished the Cat Lady. Oh my god, this is a work of art. It's gorgeous, sinister, and amazing. It's a dark story with dark turns and I love it so much. It's very inspiring. I love the art style and the music. It proves without a doubt that games are art Now I'm going to watch Downfall, a "prequel" of sorts.